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About Randy

Like a lot of you, I was tired of being thin.

Always a skinny kid growing up, I never paid much attention to my strength or physique. I was always the tall, lanky guy at 6'5" tall. I realized that a key part to achieving what I wanted in life would be the result of becoming stronger and more physically developed. This is an undeniable truth - the more physically capable and imposing you are, the more you are able to thrive in the world around you - from social life to moving furniture or surviving hostility, the benefits of being big and strong are far-reaching.

Throughout my years learning and experimenting with everything training and nutrition-wise that I could, I have developed a way to bring optimal performance to you. Now, this is what I do full-time to support my family and our small homestead.

Now, I am a fitness professional with over 12 years of coaching experience, beginning in 2011 when I started as a personal trainer. I have since owned a combination strength/powerlifting/olympic weightlifting gym, competed in various Powerlifting and CrossFit competitions, and am working toward achieving the perfect blend of strength, size, and athleticism.


Fitness is a relentless pursuit, and it is never over. I've been everywhere in the fitness industry and done a lot of things, and this has given me the advantage of multiple perspectives on fitness. My greatest strength lays in helping guys break past plateaus and simultaneously achieve a lean, but muscular physique.

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